Saturday, May 25, 2013

Purple and Navy Flowers Birthday Cake

My friend Kim is one of my best customers. She doesn't let an occasion go by without having me do a cake for her and her family. It was an honor to make a cake to celebrate her beautiful life as she turned another year older. She loves purple and flowers, so I added some navy for contrast, and Viola! A pretty cake for a beautiful lady!

Pink & Gray Chevron Giraffe Baby Shower

My friend Shannon and I threw our friend Leslie a baby shower back in January in honor of her little girl on the way, Kerrigan Grace. We did the shower in gray and pink and incorporated both a cute giraffe and a chevron patter into the decor and the cake. Sweet Kerrigan was a perfect Valentine's baby! I have had the privilege of watching her and her big brother for a few weeks, and she is just a doll! We love you Leslie and Kerrigan!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Angry Birds Space Birthday Cake

Our little buddy, Cohen celebrated his birthday back in January and requested an Angry Birds Space birthday cake. I think Angry Birds has a vast following, but Cohen is probably one of its biggest fans ever, even at the age of four! Hope you loved your cake as much as we love you, Cohen!!

John Deere Tractor 2nd Birthday

It's funny to me how boys are just ingrained with "boyness" even from the youngest of ages. This cake is proof of just that. Our little friend Daniel turned 2 back in January and his favorite toy at the time was a green tractor. It was one of those items that was just as essential to pack in the diaper bag as the diapers themselves! So, it was only fitting that a John Deere tractor adorned his birthday cake. Happy birthday, Daniel!!

Vickie had a birthday several months ago and I had the privilege of doing the cake. Yellow is her favorite color, so I just went for an elegant swirl design and added a complimentary light blue color to it as well. Happy Birthday, Vickie!!

Giraffe Print 18th Birthday

Samantha Celebrated her 18th birthday back in January. Her top gift request was a pair of giraffe print Toms and I'm guessing from there the whole party turned giraffe! She wanted a three-layer cake (the first I'd done!) all in giraffe print with bright blue accents. I'm sure it was a great celebration!

An Angel and Daisies Kind of Birthday

Helen, one of those special New Year's Eve babies, has me do a cake for her every year for her birthday. Her favorite flower is a daisy, so I know to expect that request every year and then she adds a little something else to spice it up from year to year. This year she wanted an angel and pink and green to be the colors. Here's how it all came together! Happy Birthday, Helen!!