Thursday, November 18, 2010

SPEAKING of Pictures...

So, I just posted about needing to upload the cake pictures I've taken over the past year, and then found this opportunity for a great way to send out some pictures of the family for Christmas--SHUTTERFLY Photo Holiday Cards!

I know a ton of you have probably used this site before, but I never had.I guess you could say I'm a little behind when it comes to technology ( I don't even text!!), but the great news is, Shutterfly makes sending holiday cards super easy, even for those of us who are a little slower when it comes to technology. There's nothing difficult about using their site at all. AND there are over 800 choices for holiday photo cards! There are classic designs, as well as more modern/contemporary ones. One of my favorites is called Love 2010, which gives you a spot to list your family's own fabulous memories and moments from the past year--BAM! all at once you've given the card recipient everything they want in a card: pictures of the family and a quick update on what's going on in your life. No long letter for you to write, or them to read.

Shutterfly also has AWESOME prices--many, many for LESS THAN A DOLLAR (depending on the number of cards you order)!! All of that being said, There's really no excuse to be "that family" this year, you know, the ones that didn't send out cards. You can even choose for Shutterfly to stamp and mail your cards FOR YOU!! The cards on Shutterfly are easy on the eyes, easy to create, and easy on the wallet, so what are you waiting for!?! Go upload YOUR PICTURES!!

They have other products available that are always favorite gifts to give and receive, like calendars, too!

Ok, want one more reason? If you're a blogger, you can get 50 holiday cards for FREE. Just go here for the details!

Cake Pics to come!!

So, welcome to my blog! I'm completely new to this whole idea, and am not sure if it's going to work well for my intended purpose, but I'm going to give it a shot. I'll be working this weekend on putting up pictures from the past YEAR+ of making my custom cakes. I know, I know. That's going to be crazy, and maybe a little unorganized, but once I get pictures of all of the cakes I've done so far posted on here, it will be much easier to do a quick post and update as I go. So, that's all I've got for now... just come back early next week to view the updates! Thanks for looking, and feel free to pass this site on to others in the area!