Sunday, October 7, 2012

Groom's Guitar

This summer there were several weddings at our church and we were honored to be able to witness God's covenant of marriage come to fruition in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. One of those weddings was Mattie and Scott's. Mattie had me make a groom's cake for her husband, who is an amazingly talented musician and singer. When he's not singing on the praise team at our church, he's playing guitar (or drums). So, she requested a guitar-shaped cake all for him (although I heard the groomsmen did their fair share of scarfing it down before the ceremony!). Scottie and Mattie, you are both blessings to the Body of Christ!

Constructing a Happy Birthday

Back in July I did a birthday cake for Scott. I've known Scott for several years, and even had the privilege of teaching him some during his third grade year. His two sisters have gotten several birthday cakes from me, but somehow I always seem to be on vacation round Scott's birthday! This year, however, things worked out and I was able to make him a cake. Scott wanted something with construction equipment, but nothing that would look babyish. His father owns a construction business and I think Scott is almost as passionate about it as his dad is! He's definitely got his sights on the business as far as his career path goes. Glad I could finally able to do a cake for you, Scott!

Little Man 1st Birthday

Back in the spring I did a first birthday cake for Ben and Molly's son, Isaac. The theme they picked was mustaches and ties in honor of their "Little Man." I thought it was just precious. They liked the idea of bright blues and greens for the colors. I did argyle around the sides of the main cake and made Isaac's "smash cake" to look like an argyle tie. Unfortunately I can't get that picture to turn around, but you get the idea. Super cute, just like the birthday boy!! 

Christening Cake

Months and months ago (I'm still very far behind!) I did a cake for my best friend from middle and high school, Jessica. She lives in Colorado now, so we see each other very infrequently, but I was honored that she asked me to do a cake for her. Jessica and her husband and their friends and families were celebrating their daughter's christening. Lately she has become quite the crafter/decorator/DIY-er and had some great, hand-made decorations planned for the party using pinks, cream, and tans, burlap, etc. She just wanted a simple, girlie cake to go with the color scheme. I know everyone enjoyed celebrating your precious little Tori!