Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Abriana turned 13 in October. She had a really cool birthday party for a brand-new teenage girl: a mall scavenger hunt! The girls split up into two teams and had certain things they had to do or find and capture them on a digital camera. I decorated the cake to look kind of like their path taking them around the mall to find all of the fun things on their list. Really cute idea I may just have to steal in 10 years for my little girl! Happy birthday, Abriana!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Track Star Birthday Cake

Back in October, Mary Beth celebrated her 14th birthday! She's really become quite the runner and is on the Glenvar Cross-Country Track Team. She wanted a cake that encompassed this pastime and her favorite colors--pink and purple. I decided to play off of the traditional track symbol (a foot or shoe with wings) and make it extra girlie with the colors and style of writing. Happy Birthday, Mary Beth!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Birthday Brings Self Reflection

Several weeks ago I did a surprise 40th birthday cake for a guy from our church, Tony. Tony kind of has a reputation of thinking highly of his appearance and maybe being a bit of a pretty boy or primper... I'M not saying this, these are ways that his WIFE even describes him, so that's my disclaimer. Anyway, his wife Kelly asked me to do a cake with a mirror on it and write "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..." (and it's implied that Tony THINKS he's the fairest of them all!!) The party was a big hit from what I gathered! Hope the cake was, too!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pretty in Pink

A while back I did a baby shower cake to honor David, Lauren, and their baby Tensley Grace. There was not theme for the shower, more of a color scheme and lots of girliness! Pink, black, and green were my palette and just some simple, but very feminine flowers and writing with some black polka-dots on the sides. Sweet Tensley has since arrived and is absolutely precious! Congratulations David and Lauren!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hokie Homecoming

About a month ago (I am soooo far behind on posting pictures!!) I had the privilege of serving a family in our church by bringing them dinner. The Anderson family has been through so much over the last few months. Two of their boys were very badly burned and they spent about a month at Wake Forest University Hospital. You can read all about how God sustained them through this ordeal here. Anyway, they are really big VT fans and the younger of the two boys had to spend his birthday in the hospital, so for my dessert I make them a cake all decked out in Virginia Tech colors. We are glad to have them home!!