Friday, February 4, 2011

A few more to get on track

Here are a few more cake pics from the past several months. There are still a few that I know I'm missing and I'm frustrated that I can't find in our My Pictures folder. That's why this blog will be so nice... the cakes will be centrally located and easily accessed and shared. Now, my next step is ordering business cards. I think that's a task for another evening, though. The fishing cake below I just did last night, so hopefully I'll be all caught up now and can begin with the plan of posting them every couple of weeks or monthly.
 Fishing... One of the few cakes I've done for a man. I think it turned out great!

 Fancy Nancy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here are pictures of some of the cakes I've done so far. They're in no particular order. Hopefully from now on I can just sit down once a month or something and add the cakes for that month.
 Cheer Leading Banquet

 Baby Shower

 Bridal Shower

 Soccer Banquet

 Girlie 1st Birthday

 Baby Shower--Man, my writing has improved since this!!!

 Star Wars Birthday

Another Star Wars Birthday
 Christmas Cake

 Baby Shower

 Bridal Shower--Lowe's Gift Card Theme

 Tropical Birthday

 Combination Birthday and Graduation Cake

 Graduation Cake to match the plates/napkins

 Bridal Shower

 Bridal Shower

 Swimming Cake (view 1)
Swimming Cake (view 2)
 Braves Jersey Groom's Cake

 Baby Shower

 Elvis Birthday Cake (view 1)
Elvis Birthday Cake (view 2)

There are actually several more... I'll have to upload them later in the week.