Saturday, August 18, 2012

Glenvar High School Graduation Cake

Julia and her family are a special part of our church family and she graduated from Glenvar High School in June of this year. Her mom, Kim got me to do two cakes for her graduation party. One in celebration of the graduation itself and one in celebration of all of the activities Julia was involved in during her high school career. I think they turned out beautifully, just like the special young woman they were made to celebrate!

Preschool Graduation Cake

Back in May I did a graduation cake for the kiddos at the Child Development Center at our church who were graduating from preschool. A year goes by so fast, and I'm sure that these sweet kids are excited to be starting Kindergarten here in just a few short days!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hawaiian Happy Birthday

Jenny was helping to throw a surprise 60th birthday luau for her father-in-law and asked if I would do a Hawaiian themed cake for the occasion. I loved the way it turned out!! I did the sides to mimic a grass skirt and on the top she wanted a surf board, tiki hut, and tropical flowers. Hope it was a blast!

Caution: A Unique Request

My friend Courtney's grandfather celebrated his birthday and Father's Day all rolled into one big party. Courtney's mom, Donna, asked me to make a very unique cake for the occasion. Apparently random things just fall off the wall in the middle of the night at his house and they are always teasing him about not even bothering trying to fall asleep because of it. Hope everyone enjoyed the cake and that the odd crashes in the night are over!!

Bold and Flowery Birthday

My friend Leslie's niece celebrated her 10th birthday back in MAY... yes, I know it's now August! I did a cool cake for her in a modern flower theme with bold colors, mainly blue and red. Purple icing never photographs right, and I'm unable to use my editing software right now, but the purple was prettier than that! It turned out cute! Happy belated birthday, Jerica!!

Cat In The Hat 1st Birthday

One is Fun was the theme for Casey's son's first birthday, and the Cat in the Hat is definitely fun!! Doing this cake was fun, too, as was catching up with the proud mommy... Casey and I first became friends back in elementary school and it had probably been since high school that we had seen each other! I'm so so so very far behind on posting pictures (computer issues and just the normal busy summer schedule), but I hope Henry had a great 1st birthday months and months ago!!